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Fast forward ten years: I’m now a photographer by trade and educator by calling. And somehow, in much of what I do, I get to fuse the two in the best way possible. My goal in working with F+B industry businesses, as well as creative entrepreneurs, is to help you learn and grow through the process of marketing your offerings to others. Yes, I want to help you make more money, but I also want you to understand how certain strategies can help you forge connections with customers and turn them from the “Oh, I just passed by and decided to stop in” sort into the loyal-customer-I have to have your (fill in the blank with your best dish)-weekly-regular sort. 

I went to art school, with zero sense of direction except that I knew I loved photography. During that time (as well as before and after college), I spent several years working in restaurants: sushi and barbeque (not under the same roof!), an American tavern and a mom-and-pop Italian joint. I waited tables, stood at the host stand, sliced lemons, prepped miso soup bowls, rolled silverware, named and drew creative drinks for the bar...you name it, I did it. I eventually figured out I wanted to teach art, but along the way I discovered I had a strong connection to the restaurant world, and the feeling that I’d likely never be too far from it.


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Much of what all this boils down to is quality photography and aligning your brand’s message with your online presence. For the past five years, I’ve worked with dozens of creative businesses, restaurants, and bakeries at the intersection of brand identity (logos, websites, etc.) and strategic photography, with the goals of increased customer attraction + retention in mind. Now, I’m trading the designer hat for that of a social media marketer, which I’m confident will truly help you create a stronger presence online, which means increased sales and a loyal customer base spreading the word about your brand.

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